In older systems, the build up of sludge due to corrosion can have a detrimental affect on the ability of your heating to do it’s job as well as putting undue strain on pumps and valves and causing or contributing to many boiler faults. Using specialised equipment and chemicals, Livingstone Heating and Plumbing can powerflush your heating system and bring it back to its former glory. We can correct any system design faults also contributing to the build up of sludge and fit a magnetic filter to the system to minimise any future build up affecting your boiler. If you require a powerflush in Solihull, Birmingham or surrounding areas then call our expert professional for a system assessment. We provide a comprehensive and thorough service to restore your heating.

Benefits of powerflushing;

  • Increased efficiency
  • Radiators that heat up properly and evenly
  • Could reduce bills
  • Increases lifespan of boiler/system components
  • Removes sludge, scale and rust

A powerflush employs a specialized machine to pump fresh, clean water at high speed through your heating system. We add chemicals and use a filtration device to maximise the effectiveness of this process. This is the most effective way of cleaning your heating system. Livingstone Heating and Plumbing will clean your entire heating system to the highest standards, leaving you with fresh, clean water in your radiators. For reliable, expert powerflushing in the Solihull and Birmingham areas, choose Livingstone Heating and Plumbing.

Do I need a power flush?

  • Do your radiators have cold spots?
  • Is your boiler noisy?
  • Are you experiencing frequent problems?
  • Is your home not heating properly?
  • Do your radiators need bleeding often?
  • Is your central heating water dirty?

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, then you may need a power flush.

radiator build up example
powerflush example


Extending your home or just wish for an updated look? Livingstone Heating and Plumbing can change or run new radiators to suit your home and requirements.  We will calculate the heat requirements for your space before supplying and/or fitting your new radiator. Call Livingstone Heating and Plumbing for your radiator upgrade. Our reliable and experienced engineer can find a solution to suit your need. We can also fit thermostatic radiator valves to offer more controllability and comfort for your home.


Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a fantastic way of heating your home in an energy efficient manner. It does not take up wall space as radiators do, and offers a more balanced, even distribution of heat to a room avoiding cold and warm spots in a room. It can be installed as a main or background heat source. It is a modern and practical solution to heating a space. Even if you just like to feel the warmth under your feet.

underfloor heating fitting

If you require underfloor heating in the Solihull and Birmingham areas, call Livingstone Heating and Plumbing. Our trusted, reliable expert can offer you the best advice to suit your need.

Unvented Hot Water

Modern living places a high demand on your water. If long hot showers are your thing, or if you have multiple bathrooms, then this is definitely the way to go!

A high performance, mains pressure hot water system Capable of delivering hot water to multiple outlets, simultaneously, without interrupting the heating. If you require an unvented hot water system in Birmingham, Solihull, Leicestershire and surrounding areas then talk to Livingstone Heating and Plumbing. Our fully qualified and experienced engineer can advise on and install a hot water system to suit your home and budget.

We offer a range of solutions including Megaflo and Elson.

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